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We’re a childcare management system with an engaging curriculum backed by qualified,  and experienced Team.

Contactless Check-in, parents can use QR codes or a 4 digit number code

Built-in Parent Engagement App

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Child Care Center Management Tools

Smart Invoicing, Billing, and Payments


Nothing is more important than your child’s well-being. Join us and learn how to keep it.


achieve efficiency

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We know academic performance is important because academic qualifications are the passport to accessing a good university.

Pursuing Excellence

Zymah meets all the basic and important requirements to manage Portals Easily. We have taken root in the earliest stages of technology development.

Growing by Learning

Learn to celebrate diversity in a spirit of understanding and tolerance and develop a positive regard and awareness of other people.

Child Care Management

Manage Daily tasks hassle free

Zymah makes life easier for administrators, teachers, and parents. Sign students in-and-out within seconds, produce weekly, monthly attendance reports for students and staff and keep family profiles up to date.

Contactless Payments / Parent Interactions

Keep Parents in
the Loop!

Empowering your parents to get frequent updates, pictures and messages from the classrooms is the key purpose of our Parent App and Web Portal.


Tracking Meal Counts

Catering to your child’s meal needs

  • Track Meal Count:

    • Automatically calculate meal count based on attendance.
    • Create mealtimes for your program.
    • Print monthly reports for claims.

  • Included with all Student Software Tracking packages:

    Keep track of child’s meal counts based on CACFP guidelines and create monthly custom-made menus.

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Zymah Mobile App Landing for Childcare

Increase productivity with a simple Zymah app for managing Child Information. 



Child Care Management Solutions

By getting on board our handy and easy to use software, hardware and apps, you can conveniently manage all center features alongside parent and child engagement and contactless payment method. Either you run a daycare center or any additional before or after school programs, Zymah is the way to go.

Payment Processing

Making payment options as convenient as possible by contactless transfer of funds online or fully automated. Zymah provides trustworthy payment options.

Afterschool Program Software

Monitoring on-going classes, attendance, keeping score on registrations and more such facilities is what our afterschool program is here to provide along with the parent involvement. Albeit large districts or small remote programs, our Software as a Service platform is personalized according to your requirements.

Daycare Products & Hardware

A neat and user-friendly solution to your hardware check-ins and security options. Zymah services include all payment and the required check-in options. All daycare and school programs can be controlled by running our desktop version which makes it much easier to keep all zymah services integrated.

Check-in & Attendence

Contactless check-in

Check students and staff in with quick scan, or secure pin codes.

Health Care

keep track of vaccination to help your health care consultant complete annual reports efficiently.

Ratio & Scheduling

Assign students to a specific classroom and manage classroom ratio in real-time


Generate automatic attendance reports for both students and staff as well as having the ability to print them in PDF and excel sheets. You can also alter the report to better fit your needs.


School administrators can track attendance accurately of all students for licensing, billing, and management by notifying them of missed check-ins & outs and edit error made by parents or staff.

Parent engagement

Our parent engagement app allows parent to stay involved with their child’s progress. Receive messages, picture, online enrollment and more.

About us

About us

About us section

We are working hard to help provide you with the best services required to build a better business and to cater your child care management needs as parents and as center owners.

Zymah Services have provided best child care solutions and helped businesses try and test their abilities and limitations. For you to have an out of the box approach towards child care management and to ensure business stability, Zymah helps you enhance your knowledge by providing real-time information. One of the reasons many child care management systems choose us!

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Our childcare specialists are always reviewing the latest
data and research to give you insights into best
practices for your early educator business.

Real-Time Solutions

See how our solutions are shaping care centers in the
day to day activities. As cloud software, you get instant
access to necessary information, anytime, anywhere.

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