Childcare Management

Optimize your childcare center or preschool with Zymah’s all-in-one childcare management software.

Comprehensive child care management
software solution

Digitize your program

We pride ourselves to making your day as efficient as possible so that you can focus on what matters most, which is to provide quality early childhood education for your students.

Replace time consuming paper check-in sheets our with easy to use digital check-in for students and staff. Manage your students, classrooms, parent interaction and business all from one app.

Zymah helps you enhance your knowledge by providing real-time information.

We are working hard to provide a quality service to enhance
your business and cater to your program’s
management needs.

Let us help you find the perfect solution for your child care business.

Child Care Business Management

Big or small, private or public, Zymah guarantees you the complete governance over every feature of your business.

For a business to grow and develop, it is really important that certain things are taken into account like finding solutions to save both time and money especially while running a child care center, main focus should always be on the children. Zymah shares this burden as well, by providing a platform where you can single handedly manage all your daily tasks from payments to and from the parents, student data to staff, billing, invoicing and faculty accounts.

Contactless & Safe

Safety has always been the top priority of every child care organization. It is very important to earn a parents’ trust when it comes to taking care of their child.

Zymah makes sure that you and your parents feel safe being aboard our software by providing contactless transaction process, with either unique four digit code, QR codes or even both.

Daily Transactions

We know how tough it is to maintain a balance between work and children. Zymah child care management services was designed as parents its primary focus.

For this reason we designed a gateway for parents to get payments done without the extra stress of trying to meet deadlines, the answer is EFT i.e. electronic funds transfer. It offers easy online payments with assured security so you get your payments on time.

Staff Supervision

A company is successful only when its employees are supervised and are taken care of. We at Zymah understand how this principle works.

To maximize work proficiency, Zymah makes sure that all staff records are kept intact and easily accessible to better manage your staff. Also, tracking staff leaves, computing work hours, getting printed payroll checks and many more such daily tasks can be performed accurately avoiding any unwanted errors.

Learn More

  • Track Attendance

    Complete Supervision on children under your care by information being minutely recorded.

  • Drop off & Pick up

    Parents can use QR codes or a 4 digit number passcode feature providing maximum security to children.

  • Monitor & Report Staff-Child Ratios

    Compute the correct child-staff ratios for better development.

  • Daily Meal Counts

    Keep track of child’s meal counts based on CACFP guidelines and create monthly custom-made menus.