Attendance tracking software

It this modern world it is imperative that providers accurately maintain all student’s attendance records. Zymah provides you a complete real time records of every child in your care, whether it is who signs the students in & out, classroom ratios, daily meal counts and more.

Why choose ZYMAH as your student tracking software

Contactless check-in

Check students and staff in with quick scan, or secure pin codes.

Health Care

keep track of vaccination to help your health care consultant complete annual reports efficiently.

Ratio & Scheduling

Assign students to a specific classroom and manage classroom ratio in real-time


Generate automatic attendance reports for both students and staff as well as having the ability to print them in PDF and excel sheets. You can also alter the report to better fit your needs.


School administrators can track attendance accurately of all students for licensing, billing, and management by notifying them of missed check-ins & outs and edit error made by parents or staff.

Parent engagement

Our parent engagement app allows parent to stay involved with their child’s progress. Receive messages, picture, online enrollment and more.

What are you waiting for?

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Track Attendance Safely & Conveniently

Safety has always been the top priority for every child care program. Therefore, ZYMAH provides a safe, streamlined drop-off and pick-up experience using a Contactless Check-In feature built into our integrated Parent Engagement App.

Access a Broad Range of Student Attendance and Child Care Tracking Tools